Master post for podfic

Please feel free to browse through my LJ page and/or use the tags. However, if you are just looking for the quickest way to find a list of my available podfic, you should go to my page at AO3. :)

It is updated way more often than LJ. The majority are Stargate Atlantis, although several are crossovers with SG1. One is a crossover with H50 and Predators. I also record stories in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom.

I have a Tumblr blog too, All SGA, All the Time. I also have a side blog called All H50, All the Time .

SGA Author Appreciation Week: sheafrotherdon

For McShep author appreciation week, I present: sheafrotherdon! You may have already read Cate's work. You may even have already read some of what I'll post below, but hopefully there will be something you haven't read or want to read again. She writes gorgeous McShep, gen and a few other pairings too. Her writing tends to be lyrical, vivid and creates pictures in the reader's mind.

A Farm in Iowa 'verse  164,540 words in 44 parts   Explicit
Summary: AU in which John inherits a farm, Rodney ends up entirely out of his element and there is much ado about baseball.

It segues from first meeting to falling in love to domesticity galore. Familiar characters make appearances, some in very amusing ways and there are some wonderful original characters. All is not perfect, of course and issues are dealt with, communication is attempted and much love is always present. There is also loads of humor running through the series. I laugh out loud when reading it and it always makes me smile. This is my go-to fic when I need to get out of a bad mood. I do think this is my most favorite SGA fic ever.

She also has miscellaneous stories in this 'verse collected under Farm in Iowa Apocrypha. There is a Farm in Iowa master list at her LJ, but it has not been updated recently. However, there are some works by other authors in the 'verse listed, some fan art and a few podfic.

Like podfic? Have about 14.5 hours? I recorded podfic for the whole series. Parts 1-41 are in one file in audiobook format. Parts 42 and 43, part 44 and part 45 are available separately as they were written after the original file was created. All can be found here.  I've also  recorded the Apocrypha. It is only about an hour long and can be found here.

They reach for each other again in the grey half-light of dawn – slow where they'd been frantic; patient where they'd rushed heedlessly before. John falls asleep to the brush of Rodney's fingertips against his cheek.

Taken and Reclaimed  1140 words and 482 words   General

Summary for Taken: Nothing makes sense to Rodney anymore

Summary for Reclaimed: John hovers while Keller's checking Rodney over, testing his vitals and drawing blood.

"I don't leave you behind," John murmurs, standing as close as he dares, thighs barely brushing Rodney's knees.

Bound by Will  2,229  General

Summary: On PX8-839, scientists are valued above all other commodities.

This story isn't that long, but it is intense and beautiful. I can't really think of how to describe it without giving too much away, but do read it anyway.

If you like podfic be sure to download the podfic by 2naonh3_cl2 at audiofic archive.  Anatsuno also recorded it and it can be found here.

Teyla shakes her head. "Scientists are marked. In their quadrant of the galaxy this – trade in human ability is widespread. Communities mark those who are gifted to register their claim. They may not be taken off-world, nor can their enemies claim any who are so identified."

Acidemia  8,852   Teen and up

Summary: John runs.

John is made into a Runner and Rodney is going to get him back. No matter what. Showing both John and Rodney's points of view, this story is a wonderful view of just what they mean to each other.

"Of course not!" Rodney twists in his chair to stare across the conference room table with incredulity. "I'm simply saying a) we need to crack the frequency that the Wraith are using for Runner transmitters, and b) we need to do all we can to help him survive in the interim."

Summary: Rodney McKay has an opinion on everything, including whether, in times of crisis, John Sheppard has any business risking death. Answer: no, don't be utterly stupid, what kind of ridiculous half-wit are you anyway? Small casting spoiler for season five.

Things go very, very wrong offworld and events are set into train that will change things completely. John takes responsibility and Rodney has issues with it. Solutions are found, but not without some sacrifice. This story is gorgeous, complex and so very good.

The podfic by lunate8 can be found in mp3 format and m4b format at audiofic archive.

"And they have once again declined to meet our demands. We have not, it seems, fully impressed upon them that we are not afraid, that we will see this through." She looked at John. "We are forced by their actions to raise the stakes once more."

Traturian Thaw  4,141  Mature

No offical summary.

Trusted (by all but John) allies betray the team and one of their own is abandoned to "the old ways". This is not acceptable and they go to the rescue. Rodney in peril, John (and Teyla and Ronon) worried but wrathful. John helps Rodney recover when they get home.

He tried not to think of how many hours Rodney had been gone.

Bare  3,922  Teen and Up

Summary: John. The name seems solid if not familiar, a passable identity – nothing about it makes him cringe, at least, and he's been called other things (he thinks) these past few days that weren't so benign.

Rodney proves hard to get rid of. There are thirty, forty minutes where John's brain feels clear before pain begins to build, and it's not enough time to figure out why Rodney's taken root in a chair that's obviously killing his back. A headache throbs dully at the base of John's skull, and Rodney just keeps tap-tap-tapping on his laptop. Even the doc – her name . . . Killer? No, Keller – can't get Rodney to budge. "You should sleep."

Breath  2,433   Mature

Summary: John regains consciousness in a tumble of noise and memory. Vegas episode tag.

". . . hey, hey, stay with me here, you self-sacrificing piece of shit. Did I not tell you not to engage? Is this a pattern with you? God help me, it has to be a pattern with you, you're exactly the type, I always . . ."

And a few she co-authored with other very talented people:

Nantucket AU co-authored with aesc, dogeared and siria   65,246    Explicit

Summary: In which John and Rodney live on Nantucket, Mass.

The podfic is by the_oscar_cat and is wonderful!

Taken with You co-authored with aesc    2,790    Explicit

Summary: In which John likes Rodney's leather jacket.

Low-Slung, Surfer Boy co-authored with thegrrrl2002    1,698     Explicit

Summary: The boys take a vacation, and all it takes for everything to come unraveled is one pair of swim trunks.

All of her work is wonderful, but those listed above are some of my favorites. She has 272 stories on her AO3 in the SGA fandom. Enjoy!

Taking suggestions for SGA and H50 podfic to record

Added 12/25/19

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm not doing much podfic these days, so I'm no longer taking suggestions. Sorry! The original post is almost 5 years old!

So, I have a couple ideas on what stories to podfic next, but several people have commented on some of my podfic that they were glad a particular story was podficced. So, I thought I'd throw this out there: I'm taking requests/suggestions for SGA and/or H50 stories to podfic.

So, if you have any SGA or H50 stories you've always wanted to have as a podfic (and think I'd be a good reader for it), please let me know. I've also posted this to Tumblr if you want to respond there. However, communicating via Tumblr can be iffy.

Some guidelines:

  • No deathfic (exceptions include death that is only temporary)

  • No rape/noncon/dubcon

  • Not all stories lend themselves to being read aloud

  • I have to get permission from the author if they don't already have blanket permission out there

  • McShep or McDanno preferred, but I'll read gen and preslash as well. Other pairings? Depends on the pairing and story.

Entry edited 7/4/15 to add H50 info.


Hurt!John or Sick!John with team fic recs per request over on Tumblr

Also posted on Tumblr:

Okay, here are some I found looking through my files. They are in no particular order.  I've split them into Gen and McShep, though. Some of the authors listed love to whump Sheppard, so once you try one story, you may find lots more. I also realized I listed some sick Sheppard as well as hurt Sheppard. I did my best on the team part of the request. Please heed all warnings and know that this is just a very few of what is out there. Hopefully more people will respond! Oh yeah, and there is always this:


Fundamentals of Shipwreck Prevention by candle_beck
Summary: John falls head over heels, but literally this time.

Gravel Road by candle_beck
Summary: Unexpected plot twists, John Sheppard's hair, and other things that annoy Rodney McKay.

Bare by sheafrotherdon
Summary: John. The name seems solid if not familiar, a passable identity – nothing about it makes him cringe, at least, and he's been called other things (he thinks) these past few days that weren't so benign.

Breath by sheafrotherdon
Summary: John regains consciousness in a tumble of noise and memory. Vegas tag.

White by sheafrotherdon
Summary: John half hears them coming, their boot steps quick, furtive; he strains to focus, to bring his thoughts back online, to ready himself to help, but when he shifts there's a burst of pain that ricochets across his temple and he slumps back against the wall, gritting his teeth, letting the manacles bear his weight.

Suddenly at Last by yin_again
Summary: It took Elizabeth nineteen days to negotiate John's release.

Tap, Rack, Bang by bomberqueen17
Summary: If you expect it to go bang and it goes click, keep it pointed in a safe direction and call for help.

Eventual Thaw by zinnith
Summary: The main reason John decides to break up with Rodney is to avoid being dumped first.

Better with the Lights On by annezo
Summary: John & Rodney wake up in the dark. Scientist-hysteria, epi-pens, and stupidity.

Accident Prone by ladyra
Summary: Something goes wrong during one of John's missions with his new Stargate team. (Set during The Return)

Mend by mdime02
Summary: John Sheppard landing in the infirmary was nothing new, but when he finds himself sidelined by mysterious injuries he can’t recall receiving it's a race against time to find the cause...and save his life.

Pressure Points by crownglass39
Summary: John never knew a headache could hurt this bad. Episode tag to Common Ground.


Once Upon a Time by T’Pring
Summary: Once upon a time, a certain John Sheppard hit his head. Well, a tree hit his head. In a lightning storm a mile from the stargate. At night. Huddled in a cave with a very befuddled John, his team must figure out how to get him home.

Burning Man by coolbreeze1
Summary: Sheppard spends a long night incapacitated, with only his team to look out for him. Shep whump, team love.

The Edge of the Bridge by sealie
Summary/note: A fic for Susn, who wanted h/c fic where Carson was competent, Sheppard was the victim, and Rodney to be Rodney. By request this is heavy on the medical details and it’s linear.

Orpheus Rising by everybetty
Summary: Rodney and the team work to bring John home, then fight to bring him out of the darkness. Set post S5.

The Waiting Game by tridget
Summary: Sheppard and McKay are stuck in a prison with no way out and no rescue in sight.

Cakewalk by busaikko
Summary: Rodney wanted John's first mission after his return from Earth to go well. It didn't.

Ars Arboreous by mahoni
Summary: Sheppard is captured off-world by something the Ancients left behind.

A World Called Catastrophe by perspi
Summary: When the world ends in a flash of orange and yellow, the last thing John feels is the sensation of flying.

Misdirection by artisticabandon
Summary: Never trust uninhabited planets and natives who have the advantage of home ground. Or, the reason why Rodney never thought John would remember his password. Team fic. Shep whump.

Coulda, Would, Shoulda by liketheriver
Caring for your injured CO isn't the easiest job for a Marine.  And Sheppard's isn't the only team on Atlantis.

Revised Diagnosis by alipeeps
Summary: tag to Search & Rescue

Fic rec: Two SGA series by bomberqueen17

Fairly new (considering the show ended 5 years ago) SGA fanfic author. Part of the first part of Two-Body Problem (Thawing from the Inside, Chap. 6) was published as a stand-alone story for McShep Match 2013. It is called Tap, Rack, Bang as is the chapter. She has since rewritten it and included it in the longer work. I think I read it then, but found the rest early this year.

It was (and is) a WIP and I don’t generally read those, but I’m a sucker for SGA AU’s and this one is good. I’ve already read both series more than once. Be sure to look at the warnings for both series.

Other Plans series (123,328 words so far) on AO3:

She also has a related series that uses some of the same elements, but it is closer to canon. It is also very good. Still McShep, eventually.

Two-Body Problem series (235,649 words so far) on AO3:

I so love that people are still writing SGA fanfic and also love it when I find such long stories from such an awesome author. Oh, and Other Plans has already been asked about on SGAstoryfinders, so you know it is making an impact. :)